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Kombination von EE Erzeugung über Sektorenkopplungstechnologien mit zu defossilisierenden Sektoren

Rethinking renewables

Our energy system is based on the generation of green electricity, which is central to a climate-neutral future. Green Wind has been working to expand renewable energies such as wind turbines and solar-power plants for more than ten years.

With Green Wind Innovation, we are taking green energy provision to a new level and bundling all our expertise. After all, a complete energy system encompasses far more than just the electricity sector. Both the heating sector and the transport sector urgently need to move away from fossil fuels and be supplied with energy from renewable sources. Efficient sector integration, with the green energy generated by the electricity sector being made accessible to other sectors, is the goal of Green Wind Innovation.

Green hydrogen as an energy source

A key step for many of these innovative developments is green hydrogen, which is produced from wind and photovoltaic energy. As an energy source, hydrogen acts as a link between the electricity and gas grids.

Hydrogen can be used directly as an energy source in the transport sector in cars and heavy-duty traffic, in rail and marine transport, and in aviation.

In the heating sector, existing gas infrastructures can be converted to the use of hydrogen. Electricity and heat alike can be generated with cold burning in fuel cells.

The use of green hydrogen makes sense in industrial sectors that cannot be converted to green electricity, for instance in chemical processes or steel production.

Integrated energy systems for the future

In all these sectors, Green Wind Innovation develops connective concepts based on extensive experience and flexible knowledge. Working in tandem with institutions, investors, towns, cities, and municipalities, we help them to navigate an ever-changing system, providing support and advice on achieving integrated energy systems.